Travel By Night coverAWA Press is pleased to announce that Travel by Night: Poems and Stories by Peggy Reber is available online at Amazon's CreateSpace. This volume of creative work is not to be missed!

Peggy's characters are mysterious, fanciful and deeply human, and precise imagery transports the reader. Purchase the book now, or read more about it below:

Travel by Night with Peggy Reber and you will see ". . . something that will bend your eye / back on itself forever." Odd characters people these pages – human and not so human. Yet there is always something deeply familiar about them, as if one were seeing oneself and one's intimate neighbors inside out, or backwards. There is darkness here, but light too, and grace, in stories and poems grounded in an honesty as hard as a geode, and as magical as the crystals inside it. You may, like the woman in "Hours," find that you, too, while reading, have "knelt, naked, on the roof of a house in the far north . . . reached up into the sky, scooped huge, pulsing clumps of darkness and dazzle and said, come."

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