AWA Conference: May 2nd & 3rd, 2015


The AWA Conference will take place on May 2nd and 3rd, 2015 at the Willits-Hallowell Conference Center in South Hadley, MA. It is open only to AWA-trained workshop leaders, and will offer similar elements that have been part of the Post-Certificate Training.

Sessions offered will include workshops on poetry, memoir and fiction craft; manuscript review; working with outreach groups such as veterans, children and teens, and the incarcerated; how to establish a non-profit; how to launch a business; and more. You will have the opportunity to hear from how experts have used the AWA method to support voices and develop skills. You will come away a more informed workshop leader and an inspired writer.

The AWA Conference is a gathering of AWA voices and energies, and a chance to re-visit and develop writing and workshop skills. Visit our registration page to reserve your place. We look forward to seeing you there!