typewriterAWA offers many ways to get to know our work and become a member of our community:

1. Join an AWA workshop and experience the immediacy and power of the written word.

2. If you've written in an AWA workshop or retreat and would like to use the method in your own work with others, you might want to train to be a workshop leader. You may choose:

a) to serve your community by providing space for aspiring, novice and experienced writers, or

b) to share the power of the AWA method with individuals who are discouraged or experiencing conflict or disruption; whose daily living inhibits them from considering that finding their voices may smooth the rough spots or lead them to new ways of being in the world.

3. Support AWA's mission by donating to scholarships, so that those in need may train to become workshop leaders, bringing this transformative work to their own communities and exponentially expanding AWA's efforts to free silenced voices.

4. Support AWA writers by attending readings, purchasing AWA Press publications and works published by AWA writers through other venus.

Our goal is to spread the belief that writing as an art form - well-crafted, courageous, meaningful writing - is not limited to a select few, but is available to all.


  • Peregrine Journal

    AWA Press is pleased to announce that Peregrine Journal has published its 28th & 29th volumes as a special double issue to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the journal's publication. The issue is available to order online for $12. For more books by AWA authors, please visit the AWA Press Bookstore...

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