AWA Press is pleased to announce the publication of two books of poems: Companion Spirit by Jan Haag, and blessed are the menial chores by Maureen Buchanan Jones.  

Companion Spirit by Jan Haag is a collection of poems chronicling loss, grief and acceptance after the death of her husband. As Jeff Knorr, Poet Laureate, Sacramento, California, says, “This is a book of things: trout, cats, sailboats, fly rods . . . these poems chase beauty and find it.” It is one woman’s path to healing and a relationship that transcends death. Jan is a professor of English, creative writing and journalism, and leads writing workshops in Sacramento, California.

blessed are the menial chores by Maureen Buchanan Jones is a book of poems that takes ordinary objects or tasks and uses them to help us find the measure of our deepest selves. Donald Junkins, former director of the MFA Program at the University of Massachusetts, observed: “The book could be titled Nearly Road Kill because the poems are knowledgeable about finalities, and they’re not for readers whose reminiscences are not gray with wonder . . . “ Maureen leads writing workshops in Amherst, Massachusetts.

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